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Solo Player


Long Answer:

MKLord is an Artist Musician hailing from South-West UK. His practice explores areas of abstraction through Improvisation, Non-Conformist Strategies and Extended Techniques.

He trained at Dartington College of Arts.

As a front-man he has led groups such as Flying Fist, Vatican X-ray Dept, Standpipe Siamese, Mr Wasp and the After-Life Club, Poems in Stone and Spina De Mul.

Other projects he has been involved with include, Blood-Palace, Capri-Batterie, The Logothetis Ensemble, The Glen Branca Orchestra, Mice, Ringo Christ, The Lazily Spun and The Hand Museum.

In 1998 MKLord founded Omcore Recordings, a DIY noise label that during it's 13 years of activity produced short runs of outsider CD-Rs by Joey Chainsaw, Germseed, Joined by Wires, D.Nye, Grizzly Kids and Dermis, among others. 

As an artist MKLord exhibits and creates commissioned works. He is also interested in exploring the long-form performance format that he begun in 2007 with the piece SWARM #0 which he developed for the 'I am Your Worst Nightmare' festival at the Arnolfini, Bristol in 2007. This then grew into the St Apollonia project that continues to this day.

MKLord's writings include pieces for experimental theatre, abstract fiction, poetry and children's stories. 

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