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A studio album of six instantaneous compositions with liner notes by Michael Wertmüller

Tim Sayer : Trumpet, Piano and Electronics.

MKLord : Double Bass and Saxophone

Kordian Tetkov : Drums and Percussion

Dirter Promotions DPROMCD154    2021


(cover art : MKL)

TANQ cover .jpg

Capri-Batterie & Stewart Lee

Bristol Fashion

A collection of improvisations between a free jazz trio and a stand-up comedian.

Tim Sayer : Trumpet

MKLord : Double Bass

Kordian Tetkov : Drums

Stewart Lee : Voice

listen here

Dirter Promotions DPROMLP143     2018

12" Vinyl

(cover art : MKL)

Bristol Fashion.jpg

Gad Whip

Caustic Art Rock.

MKLord : Guitar/Vocals

Anthony Brown : Bass

Pete Davies : Drums

Liam Yeates : Noise

listen here

GW01    2014


(cover art : Violet Oakenheart)

Gad Whip.jpg

Grissly Kids

British Brutal

Brutabient (bru:t-eɪ-b-ɪə-ent) :
- A sound most associated with housing estates and excessively long novels.
-The technique employed by Grissly Kids in their third album British Brutal
-Ambient and Brutality combined

Liam Yeates and MKLord

listen here

Omcore Recordings   OM14            2015


(cover art : Master Adze and St John Collins)

British Brutal.jpg

Poems in Stone


An album split into Solar and Lunar sides.

The Solar side contained a set of typically hard worn songs recorded in a barn in France with one microphone.

The Lunar side featured the Pacal Votan ensemble performing a large scale scored noise experiment. 

listen here

onec records    onec019LP     2011

12" vinyl

(cover art : MKL)


Pacal Votan


Live studio document of Pacal Votan in rehearsal.

The group were preparing to record Psychoduct which would be included as the B side of the album Membranes.

MKL : Baritone guitar.

Alice Kemp : Trombone

Joey Chainsaw : Violin and Synth

Mike McInerney : Piano

Omcore recordings   OCD13         2011


(cover art : Joey Chainsaw + Alice Kemp)


Poems in Stone

The Morse Code Diet E.P.

Solo deconstructionist song-form for voice and guitar.

The E.P. was released as a box set that included Zine, hidden Trump card and the 40 minute ambient noise exploration 'Subliminal architecture frame to the sacrificial eye in upturned skull vessel and cone of ash.'

listen here

onec records    onec006EP        2010

10" lathe-cut vinyl + Cd-r

Poems in Stone Vinyl.jpg

Matt Lord and Mike McInerney

Descending the Bone Staircase

Improvised duets for guitar and shakuhachi.

Setola Di Maiale        2010


(cover art : Stefano Giust)

Bone Staircase_edited.jpg

Vatican X-ray Dept.

Gimp Mask

Trash noise rock exploring and making a mess in the fetish scene.

MKL: guitar/vocals

Mark Greenwood: Bass/vocals

Kordian Tetkov: Drums


Alice Kemp : Guitar

Nick Grew : Keyboard.

listen here

Fist Records         2007


(cover art : Mark Greenwood)

Gimp Mask.jpg

Standpipe Siamese

Electro Art Noise project combined with extensive sticker-bombing campaign.

listen here

Omcore Recordings  OM9  2006


(cover art : MKL)

standpipe siamese.jpg

Mr Wasp + The After-Life Club

Tore Through Hypno-Coin

Extensions of themes explored in Exit Exist pt II, Southpaw Clutch, Other Inventions and Exit Extras.

Omcore Recordings  OM7  2002

(cover art : MKL)

Tore through Hypno-Coin.jpg

Mr Wasp + The After-Life Club

Exit Exist pt II

Rough hewn deconstructive blues recorded in restrictive isolation through rudimentary equipment.

A solo project that spawned a short lived squat group.

listen here

Omcore Recordings  OM1  1998

Cd-r and Cassette

(cover art : MKL)

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